Indicative List of Writings of Nils Lindahl Elliot

Lindahl Elliot, N. (2019) Observing Wildlife in Tropical Forests: Volume 1: A Geosemeiotic Approach (Bristol: Delome Publications)

Lindahl Elliot, N. (2015) ‘Museums and the Challenge of Transmediation: The Case of Bristol’s Wildwalk’, in Michelle Henning (ed.) International Handbook of Museum Studies, Vol. 3: Museum Media (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell).

Lindahl Elliot, N. (2010) ‘A Memory of Nature: Ecotourism on Panama’s Barro Colorado Island‘, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 19, 237-259.

Lindahl Elliot, N. (2006) Mediating Nature (London/New York: Routledge International Library of Sociology).


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