Pedagogies of Affect in the Times of Catastrophic Climate Change

Unless one has a vested interest in doing so, it is no longer possible to deny anthropogenic climate change. More importantly, it is no longer reasonable, and increasingly no longer practicable to continue living as if nothing had really changed in the world. In 2018/2019 we witnessed the examples of wildfires, floods, heatwaves and polar vortexes on scales seldom if ever seen before. And worse – much worse – is yet to come unless we adopt, as a matter of  urgency, forms of everyday life and with them ethics that are radically different from the ones advanced by the institutions most closely associated with neoliberalism (i.e. the ideology premised on the notion that the world is no more, and no less, than a marketplace).

This project explores the pedagogic requirements for a meaningful, democratic transition to new forms of co-existence (perhaps one should speak of ‘co-survival’). But this on the premise that the kinds of teaching and learning that are now required – and with them, pedagogic philosophies – must themselves be scrutinised, and where necessary, changed.

Dates: 2019 –

Texts (most recent first)

Of Hecatombs and Rhizomes‘ (Postscript of Observing Wildlife in Tropical Forests, Volume 1, Delome Publications 2019).


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