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Nils Lindahl Elliot is an independent researcher, lecturer and author based in Bristol, England. His research focuses on mediate pedagogies of nature, a subject that he approaches from a transdisciplinary perspective. His work has attracted the support of the British Academy, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI). His first book, Mediating Nature (London/New York, Routledge International Library of Sociology, 2006) offers a genealogical account of the mass mediation of nature. At present he is completing Observing Wildlife in a Tropical Forest,  an investigation that problematises wildlife observation amongst tourists in tropical forests.

Funded Research Projects:

Signs of Nature: Mediazation, Environmentalism and Culture (supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK [formerly Board] and the British Academy) (2000-2001)

The New Zoos: Science, Media and Culture (supported by the Economic and Social Research Council UK) (2002-2005)

Observing Wildlife in a Tropical Forest: Tourism and Transmediation on Barro Colorado Island (supported by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, STRI) (2007-2011)

In the Media:

Times Higher Education (2002 and 2004), BBC Radio 4, Thinking Allowed (2004 and 2006), BBC Four TV Cinema Show (2005), The Herald (Scotland)(2007), The Panama News (2007)

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Copyright © 2014-2017 Nils Lindahl Elliot All Rights Reserved


Coenoscopics is a series of occasional papers that takes its name from a term first coined by Jeremy Bentham, but later reinterpreted by Charles Sanders Peirce. According to Peirce, philosophy – and it is possible to add, ‘critical thinking’ more generally – ‘deals with positive truth … yet contents itself with observations such as come within the range of every man’s [sic] normal experience, and for the most part in every waking hour of his life’. ‘These observations escape the untrained eye precisely because they permeate our whole lives, just as a man who never takes off his blue spectacles soon ceases to see the blue tinge. Evidently, therefore, no microscope or sensitive film would be of the least use in this class. The observation is observation in a peculiar, yet perfectly legitimate, sense. If philosophy glances now and then at the results of special sciences, it is only as a sort of condiment to excite its own proper observation’. Borrowing from Jeremy Bentham’s Chrestomathia, Peirce describes this kind of observation as the cœnoscopic.

For more information about the series, you may wish to read About Coenoscopics.

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